Play Prohibition online

At the beginning of the twentieth years, a complete ban on the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages in the United States acted. This period was the heyday of the gangsters because they have successfully built profitable business and buy illegal whiskey there.

This era will be dedicated to EvoPlay’s online Slots Prohibition offering. It has incredible three-dimensional graphics, lots of exciting features, and a host of other original features you just can not ignore.

General description of the online prohibition slot

“Prohibition” is an online slot consisting of 5 reels and 9 active lines whose number of players can change. For each line you can take from one to one hundred coins of 0.01, 0.10, 1 or 10 credits. Accordingly, you are able to play in this slot machine in an incredible range of bets on the spin, from one penny to nine thousand credits.

Pictures on the screen are arranged in three rows. The options available include the usual symbols, special items, a game of chance and some thematic bonus rounds. All of them are explained in detail in the review.

You can pay in several ways: combination, doubling and sweepstakes. Let’s start with the Start button. The prize is placed as a continuous chain of identical pictures on the active payline. You should start from the first roll on the left. The exception is the scatters discussed below. As usual on one gang, the payment is calculated only for the older sequence.

The main payouts of the slot

The payout depends on two factors. The first is a bet you made on the line. The second is a combination of factor that varies from x5 to H5000 in this model. The calculation is done by multiplying them. If different positions have created multiple chains, the payments are summed up. Then the customer can pick up the money, or try to increase the amount of chances in the game.

Developers of this online slots have presented an interesting set of thematic images. During the game, the gangsters, microphone on stage, the criminal code, a handbag and necklace, a cigar in an ashtray, box underground temples and other pictures will be on display. Some of them, according to the general rules, are also involved in the introduction of bonus games.

Let’s take a look at the special features of special images: Wild (double-bassed musician), Scatter (bottle and a glass of whiskey) and Bonus (black car).

Wild is used only when other symbols are replaced in combination. It is not paid by itself. It can not be used instead of scatter and bonus images.

Scatters are paid regardless of the position on the screen, and payments are calculated based on the total bet per round. In addition, the three characters begin ten free spins, in which the customer makes an offer for the casino.

Bonus starts one of three bonus games of the slots Prohibition.

Good luck with the online free game or real money game!